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An alternate universe or out of usual comic timeline of the Phoenix Three universe. Every day little annoyances, anywhere from the occassion of the dreaded art stalker to hypocrisy and more.

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[16] Deeper
[16] Deeper

2006 Jan 22 11:51 am

Bleh...the plague

I really don't like being sick, as well as having to work (bloody bit of work) while being sick, hense the second tired blade day.

I've made it so that guests can comment on there.

2005 Dec 25 11:54 pm

Merry Holidays

It's really bad when you try and make a point to do at least two comics a week and all of a sudden the plague overwhelms you.

Gunna drop back to once a week, and if I do more than that, bonus. As for what day, not really sure. Reasoning/my excuse for the moment is that I'm getting over the plague still, it's the holidays and I'm tired.

I'll eventually get back into a better routine, so I'm sorry about that. I wanted to do something for christmas, but I'll just jump on the drawing bandwagon for new year's.

Thank you to all that watch this comic, and a big thank you to all that read it.

2005 Nov 19 09:26 pm


The comic will have at least 2 updates a week, pending my work schedule.

2005 Nov 18 01:45 am

[1] Enter Lightning Ferret

Yes, this first comic is from 2004, however, it is what started this storyline, took about a year for me to connect the thoughts together for it.

2005 Nov 17 09:00 pm


How ironic would it be that the first host that I had posted this on would have an outage..? Anyways found this site and so far I'm liking the layout. It's quite easy for the...erum...too lazy to learn php and whatnot to figure it out for herself.

now to go and play around a bit. This will most likely be my main and that other site my alternate.

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